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    Join Us for Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

    November 18, 2020

     Ruby Bridges was six years old when she integrated an all-white school in New Orleans. She showed up for school every day, ready to learn even though she had to walk past crowds of protestors screaming vicious slurs at her. Ruby spent her first day in the principal’s office due to the chaos created as angry white parents pulled their children from school. Ardent segregationists withdrew their children permanently. Barbara Henry, a white Boston native, was the only teacher willing to accept Ruby, and all year, she was a class of one. Ruby ate lunch alone and sometimes played with her teacher at recess, but she never missed a day of school that year. (reference:

    Ruby made a lasting impact on the Civil Rights Movement and paved the way for future generations of students of color. Her courage inspired a group of 5th graders from South San Francisco Unified School District and with the help of San Mateo County Safe Routes to School, they created Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day.

    Walk with us on November 18th to commemorate Ruby Bridges’ courageous action. The Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day website includes a promotional video as well as a song that was created for the day, school board templates for a resolution, lesson plans for teachers and Covid-19 considerations. Please check it out –  You can also find information about the day on the SMCOE website.

    Please use this link to sign up for posters and bookmarks for your students (see attached picture) no later than October 30th.  

    Ruby Bridges bookmark front and back

    The form also asks for the city and state your school/district is in. We are asking for this information because it will help us populate a map of participants from across the country that will be posted on the RBWTSD website.

    How can schools participate during Covid-19? 

    Schools are encouraged to participate even though they are on distance learning. Teachers can teach about Ruby Bridges and then encourage students to take a walk with their family or friends discussing how a small child can make a huge difference, the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and how the work for justice and equity continues today. Ruby’s action back in 1960 is still very relevant.

    Walk with us on November 18th to celebrate Ruby’s courageous action and to show support for social justice, equity and inclusion in our schools.  

    Click HERE to watch the promotional video and HERE to sign up for Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. 

     Help us take this day NATIONWIDE!




    Welcome Freshmen Class of 2024



    SSFHS Office Schedule

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    9:00 am - 3:00 pm


    Textbooks, Chromebooks and Support


    7:30 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday


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    Superintendent's Message

    on Reopening SSFUSD 10-6-20

    Posted 10/6/2020

    Dear SSFUSD Community,

    With the first six weeks of school officially under our belt, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our distance learning plans and the outlook for our district reopening with regard to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    On September 22, 2020, San Mateo County moved into the red tier (tier 2) of the State of California’s new COVID-19 tracking system. The red tier means there is “substantial” spread of the COVID-19 virus in the county. According to the state’s new tracking system: “Schools may not reopen fully for in-person instruction until the county has been in the Substantial (Red) Tier for two weeks.” (14 consecutive days)

    Based on these guidelines, our district had already begun exploring ways to transition to phase 2 of SSFUSD’s reopening plan. As you may recall, phase 2 of our reopening plan involves inviting small groups of students with the most need back to campus to receive academic support.

    Please note that this does NOT mean we are planning to move to Phase 2 in the immediate future. Practically speaking, it is more than likely that SSFUSD will remain in 100% distance learning through the month of December. Our transition to phase 2 would begin after the new year so as not to disrupt learning in the middle of the trimester/semester.

    In the interim, we are planning for the implementation of learning centers/hubs at a few selected school sites; specific information and criteria about these learning centers/ hubs will be forthcoming shortly. This topic and our target date for transitioning to phase 2 will be discussed at an upcoming board meeting.

    Much work needs to take place before we can move to phase 2. We must develop plans in conjunction with our staff and labor groups on issues including how to: (1) Conduct regular testing of staff. (2) Determine which teachers will return to campus and which students they will teach. (3) Create learning hubs/centers in partnership with local agencies.

    We will also need to take our preliminary thinking and potential plans before the school board on October 22, 2020, to seek approval for our next steps and identify a target date for a phase 2 transition, and only if public health conditions warrant it.

    In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the health data and work with our principals to ensure they are monitoring and implementing COVID-19 safety protocols at all schools. We will also provide advanced notice to staff, parents, and students to support planning efforts should a transition to phase 2 prove feasible. As always, the health and well-being of our students and staff remain our foremost concern.

    Thank you again for your continued support and commitment to our school district. We hope that you are staying safe and staying healthy.

    Shawnterra Moore, Ed.D.


    Estimada comunidad de SSFUSD,

    Después de seis semanas de escuela, quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para proveer noticias sobre nuestros planes para la reapertura de nuestro distrito con respecto a la pandemia del coronavirus (COVID-19).

    El 22 de septiembre de 2020, el Condado de San Mateo se trasladó al nivel rojo (nivel 2) del nuevo sistema de rastreo de COVID-19 del Estado de California. El nivel rojo significa que hay una propagación “sustancial” de COVID-19 en el condado. Según el nuevo sistema de seguimiento del estado: "Las escuelas no pueden reabrirse completamente para la instrucción hasta que el condado haya estado en el nivel sustancial (rojo) para dos semanas." (14 días consecutivos)

    Como resultado, nuestro distrito ha comenzado a explorar cómo pasar a la etapa 2 del plan de reabrir SSFUSD. En la etapa 2 de nuestro plan de reapertura invitarémos a pequeños grupos de estudiantes que lo necesitan más ayuda a volver a las escuelas para recibir apoyo académico.

    Esto NO significa que estemos planeando pasar a la etapa 2 en el futuro inmediato. En términos prácticos, es probable que el SSFUSD permanezca en el aprendizaje a distancia por todo el diciembre. No queremos interumpir el aprendizaje con una transición a la etapa 2 en el medio del trimestre/semestre.

    Mientras tanto, estamos planeando la organización de centros de aprendizaje en algunas escuelas; se presentará información sobre este tema en breve. Discutirémos este tema y una fecha para la transición a la etapa 2 en una reunión próxima del consejo escolar.
    Mucho trabajo tiene que ocurrir antes de pasar a la etapa 2. Tenemos que desarrollar planes en conjunto con nuestros empleados sobre cómo: (1) hacer pruebas regulares de COVID-19 para empleados. (2) determinar qué maestros regresarán a las escuelas y qué estudiantes los enseñarán. (3) Crear centros de aprendizaje en asociación con agencias locales.

    También tendrémos que aparecer antes del consejo escolar el 22 de octubre para buscar aprobación de nuestros planes potenciales e identificar una fecha para una transición a la etapa 2, y sólo si las condiciones de salud pública lo justifican.

    Mientras tanto, seguirémos monitoreando las estadísticas de salud y trabajando con nuestros directores para asegurar que están monitoreando e implementando los protocolos de seguridad de COVID-19 en todas las escuelas. Si una transición a la etapa 2 está factible, proveerémos aviso avanzado a los empleados, padres y estudiantes. Como siempre, la salud y el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes y empleados son nuestra principal preocupación. 
    Gracias de nuevo por su apoyo y compromiso con nuestro distrito escolar. Esperamos que se esté salvo y saludable.

    Shawnterra Moore, Ed.D. 




    Alumni may use this link to request transcripts. This will allow the registrar to send transcripts electronically to colleges and universities.

    Parchment, an electronic transcript service, now charges for transcripts.

    Here's the link to request a transcript

    Here are the HELP links:

    Student Resource: Creating a Parchment Account
    Student Resource: Ordering a Transcript


    From your Counselors


    Warrior Counseling Website 






    SSFHS Warrior Logo Survey

    Thank you so much for your participation in our surveys!

    Greetings South San Francisco Community and Warriors!
    We are excited to share with you the early progress and findings of the Logo Committee, made up of current students and faculty members from South San Francisco High School.

    In this time of transition and change, we are so encouraged by the continued participation and collaboration with current students, alumni, and community members. Two surveys, which each received hundreds of responses, have helped guide the committee’s decisions thus far. Both surveys were distributed via social media, email, and word of mouth.
    The first survey asked participants to indicate what logo they would most like to see represent the South City brand. Of the options provided, 44 percent indicated Spartan or Trojan as their first choice. These findings will guide the branding branch of the committee to create a base logo. We are working on an agreement with a branding
    company, which will enable us to choose variations of this base logo to incorporate the other top choices, including lettering and object symbolism.

    The branding company will help manifest this vision, while still keeping the integrity of the original image and color scheme, establishing a unified platform schoolwide.
    The second survey asked participants what “Warrior” means to them. Participants most often cited strength, bravery, and courage. We also received several narrative responses, detailing personal experiences within the South City community. As stories will help us incorporate these key ideas in the rebranding process, this second survey
    remains open for responses.
    Overall, our goal remains the same: to create a recognizable South City brand representative of the resilience of our community. Thank you for all your responses. We will continue to keep you updated.


    South San Francisco High School



    Class of 2020 We Celebrate YOU!

    Drive Through Graduation Pictures!








    to ALL of our State History Day finalists!

    SPECIAL Congratulations to our students who were recognized with Honorable Mentions on the virtual Awards Presentation, Wednesday, May 13th:

    Alysia Tanimura, Sofia Gomez - Saving the Bay and San Bruno Mountain

    Honorable Mention for Alysia Tanimura and Sofia Gomez

    Liliana Gonzalez Nava - Dolores Huerta: Breaking Barriers in Farming and Feminism

    Honorable Mention for Liliana Gonzalez Nava

    Links to projects are here: Virtual Showcase Link

    It's a record setting year for History Day at South City: this is the first year we've had websites make it to the finals and this many projects in the finals!

    Congratulations to our scholars who finalized their work on their own during COVID-19 isolation and attended the Zoom competition!


    State History Day Finalists

    Virtual Showcase Link

    Group Web 
    - Veonna Bolisay, Micaela Bautista, Bibiane Huang and Kimberly Concepcion -  Chemotherapy: The Chemical Weapon Breaking Medicine Barriers
    - Jesse Salumbides, Callia Tang - Aletta Jacobs: Contradicting Conception
    - Alysia Tanimura, Sofia Gomez - Saving the Bay and San Bruno Mountain

    Group Documentary
    - Jason Kwong, Patrick Bautista, Isabelle Abedajos, and Gabriel Zara
    The Rise of the Unions, a Fight Against Injustice: The Breakage of Barriers of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike

    Individual Exhibit
    - Liliana Gonzalez Nava - Dolores Huerta: Breaking Barriers in Farming and Feminism








    Congratulations to our 2020 Genentech FutureLab Scholarship Winners!

    Emily Li Genentech FutureLab Scholarship award

    Emily Li will receive up to $50,000 per year for 4 years!

    Jacqueline Cadena Jasso was awarded $6,500. 

    Jason Corona was awarded $2,000.

    Sofia Grandov was awarded $2,000.

    Queenie Lam was awarded $2,000.

    These students will also receive guidance as they begin their college careers, and will be offered internships as they progress in their education.

    Our heartfelt congratulations to these amazing SSFHS Seniors!

    Thank you to Suzanne Lee and her Genentech team, and the generosity of Genentech in their continued support of science and STEM education in South San Francisco!



    Read the article featuring Fatima!


    Introducing your 20-21 ASB Officers




    Thank you, Mr. delaCruz, for keeping our students and families at the fore of all you do!

    This link was posted to Social Media by our friend and colleague, Hector Camacho, currently serving as the President of the San Mateo County Board of Education.




    Ballet Folklorico Alma de Mexico traveled to Disneyland and California Adventure to perform March 12-14.  The trip was hampered by both rain and COVID-19 closing the parks on Saturday the 14th.

    Students and parents still had some fun at both parks, even in the rain.  For many students, their first time at Disneyland, will always be a great memory!

    Thanks for representing South City!

    Folklorico group walking into California Adventure





    Thank you to all the students who showed up prepared and all the staff, faculty and alums who volunteered to judge.

    County History Day is Thursday, March 19 and State History Day is March 9-10 at William Jessup University in Roseville.

    Good luck to all projects moving on to the next level of competition!





    Jackie Speier visits

    South San Francisco High

    South San Francisco High School and the district were honored to host Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Professor Bernadette Meyler to discuss the consequences of the ongoing impeachment process and our Constitution.

    Organized in conjunction with the San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE), the forum took place at the South San Francisco High School auditorium and was open to all residents of San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.

    Congresswoman Speier represents California's 14th congressional district, which includes much of San Mateo County and a portion of San Francisco County.

    Students and community members asked excellent questions about the Impeachment process and it was an engaging and informative evening.  Thank you to those that helped make it happen!

    Congresswoman Jackie Speier and County Superintendent Nancy Magee

    Congresswoman Speier and Professor Bernadette Meyler

    Congresswoman Speier with Students and School Board members

    Congratulations to 14 South City Students

    accepted to Global Glimpse 2020!

    Ms. Chin and Ms. Muro are very excited to announce that 14 students have been accepted for the Global Glimpse Summer Program this year.  They will represent SSFHS next summer as they travel to Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic, or Panama on a two-week trip to learn about the people, their culture, and themselves!!

    Congratulations to:

    • Alexandra Garcia
    • Elias Lopez
    • Audrey Garcia
    • Diana Pinacho
    • Kyle Garcia
    • Julianne Santos
    • Jessica Rangel-Cruz
    • Hailey Meisenbach
    • Isabella Sowers
    • Samantha Sanchez
    • Noelle Toy
    • Joana Navarro 
    • KendallTaylor
    • Jaymie Quiroz

    Thank you for your support of these  student ambassadors!  

    A GREAT thank you to our 2019 Ambassadors who are working with our new group of students: Amelie Cayton, Steven Hidalgo, and Richard Quiroz. Their hardwork and leadership skills are amazing.

    Check out the latest in our




    The SOURCE Daily Announcements Show

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    The coding club "Ready, Set, Code" will be having its first club meeting on 

    Monday, 9/14 at 2:50pm-3:20pm

    Here's the form to let Ms. Sun know you're interested!


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    Athletic Registration Procedure

    Parents of students who wish to play on SSFHS sports teams: There is a digital registration process to play sports.  Please click on the link below.  Then, click the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the login page.  You will need your student's 9 digit Student ID and their official name.

    Counseling Resources

    24/7 Crisis Hotline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

    San Mateo County Suicide Prevention Website

    Kara Grief Counseling Website

    Parent Resource Website from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide


    Mental Health Services

    California Department of Education has a new website for mental health resources, including links for students to get direct access to mental health professionals.


    College & Career Corner

    College and Career

    ACS WASC Fully Accredited

    Students and Parents can register at for information about SATs, PSATs and AP testing.