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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight- A.J.

Advanced art Pen and Ink piece.

A.J. was given an assignment in his Advanced Art class to create an alphabet book page based on the work of Edward Gorey.   In his own words, he knew he was creating a 'masterpiece.'     His work took over 30 hours to create in painstaking detail and depicts a mad scientist being attacked by one of his creations; a vicious, venomous, larger than life snake.  

A.J.'s attention to every last detail of this piece of art is evident in even the smallest areas of the piece....a calendar showing the days of the week, rejection letters from research centers, baby snakes and eggs in jars, a note from a scientific journal declaring him a fraud and stormy weather seen through the rooftop skylights.  It is indeed an incredible piece of art, and A.J. is a very talented young artist.

Check out the whole piece below as well as as the amazing detail cutaway.

Edward Gorey piece  by A.J.Lower corner close up, A.J.

We are sure you'll agree; this young artist is going places in the art world!