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English/ Language Arts

Contact Joshua Barlas  Joshua Barlas English / Yearbook
Contact Jonathan Berg  Jonathan Berg (650) 877-8754 ex: 6623 Educational Specialist - Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities
Contact Alexandra Boese  Alexandra Boese Special Education
Contact Sacha Dano  Sacha Dano English
Contact Aristel De La Cruz  Aristel De La Cruz English
Contact Vivian Eshun-Wilson  Vivian Eshun-Wilson English, AP Literature
Contact Alexandria Johnson  Alexandria Johnson English
Contact Leslie Marder  Leslie Marder English
Contact Daphne McCann  Daphne McCann English, AP Language
Contact Kimberly Moss  Kimberly Moss English
Contact Chauntel Oseguera  Chauntel Oseguera English, Credit Recovery
Contact Mike Pilacik  Mike Pilacik English
Contact Joseph Sheppard  Joseph Sheppard Special Education
Contact Margo Wenzell  Margo Wenzell English

Mr. De la Cruz and students doing some Podcasting!




Check it out!