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Social Studies

 The Social Science Department Teachers have a wide array of experience and talent.  Click on a teachers name for more info...

Social Science Teachers:
Contact J. Capitan  J. Capitan Social Studies, AP Government
Contact Kimberly Chin  Kimberly Chin Social Studies, AP European History
Contact Rhonda Clements  Rhonda Clements Social Studies, AP US History
Contact Cherie Cohen  Cherie Cohen Biotech, AVID
Contact Patrick Kelly  Patrick Kelly Social Studies
Contact Kyle Killeen  Kyle Killeen Social Studies, AP Modern World History
Contact Steve Rotman  Steve Rotman Social Studies
Contact Bryan Seelbach  Bryan Seelbach Social Studies

South San Francisco High School

History Day Finalists: 2018 County eligible


Individual Exhibit

  • Sam Karkar - The Burlingame Treaty and Chinese Exclusion Act
  • Alexia Estrada - Billie Jean King and the Original 9
  • Karizma Bergen - American Girls Professional Baseball League

Group Exhibit

  • Katie Yang, Jonathan Yip, Oliver Elias, Krisha Fernandez – Ku Klux Klan Chaos
  • Aubrey Ash, Alfredo Perry, Xavier Gomez – Love Hurst - The Love Canal Disaster
  • Abby Hernandez, Emily Gomez - Reagan and the Strategic Defense Initiative
  • Megan Celilo, Darren Wong, Serena Ramirez-Young, Emily Li - Battle of Stalingrad
  • Catherine Batang, Briana Padilla - San Francisco Mission de Asis
  • Honorable Mention – Saul Moreno, Jesus Ramos, Christian Vazquez - Bracero Program
  • Honorable Mention – Sydney Camilleri, Kate Bocaloy - Emeline Pankhurst and the Women’s Right To Vote

Individual Website

  • Julia R. Dela Fuente - 1949 Geneva Conventions
  • Delwin Louie M Ambojia - The Philippine-American War: America’s First Encounter of the Philippines
  • Megan Pagaduan - Romanian Communism & Ceausesu Regime
  • Honorable Mention - Tram Do - Ending the French Indochina
  • Honorable Mention - Ashraya Kumar - The Maurayan Empire

Group Website

  • Laura Rosero, Megan Chan, Paolo Sigua         - The Endangered Species Act of 1972
  • Lauren Gan, Lorraine Cruz - Equal Rights Amendment
  • Matthew Tom, Raeka Lin - Korean Expedition of 1871
  • Dekaye Hailu, Camellia Nasrah - The Soweto Uprising: The Youth's Fight Against Apartheid

Individual Documentary

  • Michael Gamoney - The Six Day War
  • Cheska Ibasan - Dryfus Affair

Group Documentary

  • Josh Balancio, Patrick Choi, Josh Gomes, Ramon Jimenez Torres - German Unification
  • Andrew Aguilar, Guadalupe Rosas, Katia Perez - The Lemon Grove Incident
  • Carlo Banzon, Yenny Leung - Nintendo: Ride on Heaven’s Luck

Best of Show - Andrew Aguilar, Guadalupe Rosas, Katia Perez - The Lemon Grove Incident