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Los Hermanos / Las Hermanas

Hermanos y Hermanas

Hermanos, which means "brothers" and Hermanas, which means “sisters” in Spanish, is a Skyline College program for Latino high school students that addresses their academic, psychological and social needs through connecting with family, academic support, mentoring, and resources. Its goal is to increase educational opportunities for Latino and Latina students.

The program supports Latino/a students through:


Each Hermano/a will be matched with a mentor who functions as a positive role model. Mentors will guide and support each Hermano/a in achieving their full potential.

Mentors will provide:

  • Monthly or weekly contact with the Hermanos/as and their families.
  • Opportunities for cultural activities and new experiences.


Academic courses are designed to be relevant to Latino/a students. Interactive and engaging learning activities in and outside of the classroom develop:

  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Cultural and community awareness
  • Leadership abilities
  • Goal setting
  • College and career exploration
  • Team building, time management, and life skills


The Hermanos/as Program recognizes that family support is important in a student's success, both personally and academically.

The Hermanos/as Program seeks to:

  • Strengthen the understanding between the Hermanos/as and their families.
  • Promote education as an important step to success.
  • Celebrate the student's participation and accomplishments in the program.


What does it mean to be an Hermano/a?

  • To Belong:  To be a Hermano/a is to be part of a brotherhood and sisterhood so that each Hermano and Hermana succeeds academically and in life. Personal commitment and dedication from each Hermano/a is essential.
  • To Be Supported:  Los Hermanos and Las Hermanas is the essence of a familia. Through the support of the family and the strength derived from unity, Hermanos/as will succeed and achieve their goals.
  • Be Proud:  Hermanos/as take pride in our Chicano/a and Latino/a culture and values; never forgetting who we are and from where we have come.
  • To Take Your Future in Your Own Hands:  Hermanos/as will realize their potential, explore the possibility of a higher education, and succeed academically, and in life. 

For more information contact:

Call (650) 738-7072