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Tech Update 2016

Technology Update 2016


We thought it would be a good idea to send out an update so everyone is informed about the Chromebooks and a few other things.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything in this update, please see me.


Chromebooks and Computer Access

There are now 13 Chromebook carts on campus.  I’ve attached a chart showing which Chromebook Cart will be prioritized for your Wing/Floor.  The basic plan is to keep these carts where they are used the most, along with prioritizing our English Language Learner students.



The latest of these Chromebooks were purchased with funds to support our English Language Learners as it is easy to change the Interface to translate to any language.  We’ve also increased our overall access to computers for all students with these Chromebooks, giving our school a nearly to 2:1 ratio; Two students to every student computer.


The attached documents include:

  1. The chromebook cart distribution throughout the school, which includes the Lead Teachers who will help manage the cart and calendar

  2. Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Lead Teachers will help manage the calendar for the cart on their floor or in their wing.  

  • All members of that floor or wing will have access to that calendar to select dates and times for using the cart.

  • I’ve shared the Chromebook Calendars with your G-APPS ACCOUNTS because the Calendars are Google Calendars. Please let me know if you need help with your G-APPS ACCOUNT.

  • I’ve also linked up the Calendars on the SchoolLoop website.  Each Calendar group has also received a DIRECT LINK to the page for their group that you can open and BOOKMARK so it’s easily accessible.

  • If you have Google Calendar or have added calendars on your phone, you can do that, too!  If you want help, see a Lead Teacher or me!


In addition to the Chromebooks, we also have the following:

  • B-22 Computer Lab: 32 computers - available every period

  • B-21 Computer Lab: 32 computers - available 2nd through 6th period

  • Library Main: 33 computers - available every period

  • Library Lab: 22 computers - available every period


**Please also remember that students can do ANY WORK on a desktop that they can do on a chromebook.  Students can login to Chrome on ANY desktop with their g-apps account to work on Google Classroom assignments, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Research, etc.


In Other News

We had an incident of a Webpage being blocked recently, and I wanted to remind everyone of the following:

  • Please check ANY websites you intend to use  AT SCHOOL.

  • ANY blocked websites that are necessary for your curriculum can be WHITELISTED for use on campus.

  • The Technology Department needs the URLs, and any connecting URLs, a few days, or a week ahead in order to make sure it can be WHITELISTED for you.

  • Until we are told differently, PLEASE SUBMIT any websites to me (Mitchell) so I can expedite the process to WHITELIST them.

  • DON’T ASSUME! Just because a website is recommended in curriculum, or by others teaching your course in other districts, doesn’t mean our filtering software will allow it through.  

  • BEST PRACTICE: Check websites at school!