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Shadow Program

About Our Shadow Program

Thank you for your interest in our shadow program. We understand that students have a choice about which high school they attend. We encourage you to give South San Francisco High School strong consideration. Our comprehensive high school experience offers all students a unique opportunity to develop both personally and academically. SSFHS offers rigorous academic programs geared toward the completion of the UC/CSU A-G requirements, and a solid preparation for both college and career success. 

The Shadow Program offers 8th Grade students an opportunity to "shadow" current high school students to learn about SSFHS and experience a day in high school!


After you have completed the online Shadow Program Form, you will receive an email confirmation within a few days, confirming that your student can participate in the Shadow Program.  Sometimes the message gets caught in your Spam filter, so please check. Please do not send your student to SSFHS without a scheduled appointment or confirmation email. We want to be sure to offer your student the optimal experience and to plan accordingly.


Shadow Day Overview

Shadows are to be in the main office by 8:10am. The shadow day will end at 1:00pm.

Below is an overview of the day:


All students shadowing at SSFHS should be in the main office no later than 8:10am. At that time, the shadow students will receive their schedules for the day and meet their 1st period student leader. Shadow leaders will take their shadows to the first academic course.


Shadow students will go to the first academic course to observe for approximately 56 minutes.


Shadow students will be escorted to the second academic course to observe for approximately 56 minutes.


Shadows will observe the third academic course for approximately 56 minutes


Shadows will be placed in small groups of 2-3 students. Then the shadows will be taken on a tour of the campus. During the tour, shadows are encouraged to ask questions and inquire about various interests. Each shadow group will be led by a SSFHS leadership student. The leadership student will escort the shadow students around campus as well as lead the tour. The shadow students will have lunch with the leadership student.


Students return to the counseling office to be picked up.