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Contact Information

South San Francisco High School

400 B Street

South San Francisco, CA 94080 

Phone: 650-877-8754

Fax: 650-871-7943

Office How to Contact
Main Office


Principal: Dr. Cynthia Rapaido: Ext 6503

Stella Marcic - x 6501

Colleen Rudd - x 6502

Counseling Office



650-877-8763 Counseling Office

Asst. Principal Mr. Daniel Flores x 6507

Last Names L-Z


Marion Shine x 6616  Last Names A - Ga

Juan Cortez x 6513 Last Names Gb - N

Christian Navarro x 6512 Last Names O - Z


Grades/Roster: Jeri Gorshen x 6508

Registrar: Lisa Tucker x 6509

Counseling Secretary: Jenny Martinez x 6518

Attendance Discipline


650-877-8756 Attendance Office

Asst. Principal Mr. Al Mack x 6525  Last Names A-Z

Asst. Principal Ms. Karie Mullassery  x 6524 Last Names A-K


Ayrnn Bautista x 6520 Discipline/Safety/Attendance

Maria Contreras x 6521 Teacher/Student Attendance

Jennifer Martinez x 6522 Student Attendance

Calendars  Schedules


650-877-8754 Main Office


Webmaster: Ms. Marcie Mitchell