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Counseling Department Directory

Counseling Department Directory

Each student is assigned to a counselor based on the first letter of your last name.Please see the list below for the current counselor breakdown. Parents/Guardians may contact their students counselor by phone or email.


Title Name Number
Assistant Principal Mr. Flores 650-877-8763 ext.6513
Counseling Secretary Mrs. Martinez 650-877-8763 ext.6518
Registrar Ms. Tucker 650-877-8763 ext.6509
Counselor A - Ga Ms. Shine 650-877-8763 ext.6616
Counselor Gb - N Mr. Cortez 650-877-8763 ext.6507
Counselor O - Z Mr. Miranda 650-877-8763 ext. 6512
Intervention Counselor Mrs. Keough 650-877-8763 ext.6581
School Psychologist Ms. Rozsa 650-877-8763 ext. 6510
College & Career Advisor Ms. Lizarraga 650-877-8754 ext. 6597

August, 2019

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