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Progressive Era

Reform-Senate Hearings 2013


Library Card Number

29048143685374  -  copy number!


Gale Databases  -  paste number!


Click the SELECT ALL twice: once to Select All, once to Clear All!


Then click the checkboxes for:

1) Biography in Context (Kennedy pic)

2) U.S. History in Context (Iwo Jima pic)


Then put in your person at the top and click SEARCH.


Find the categories of sources on the left: 

Look at Books and Primary Sources in your search list first, then Magazines or other items. 


  • Print using the PRINT icon on the top right of your article/source.  
  • The citation is at the end of the article - yes, it's MLA 7th Edition!
  • Smart researchers would copy and paste this to a Word document BEFORE they let the digital version go!
  • Along with printing, you can SAVE and EMAIL, also icons on the top right of the source.
  • Email Ms. Mitchell if you can't find a primary source or biography.


LOC.GOV - library of Congress for Primary Sources/Original Documents

  • Historic Newspapers

  • American Memory

  • Recordings

Progressive Era Research Links


      IPLlogo small  Search your person's name in quotes (that's how I found the links on Jane Addams!)    

Conservation Movement, 1850-1920

Coffin Nails: Tobacco

1896: The Grand Realignment

American Woman Suffrage

America in the 1890s: A Chronology

America 1900
Labor-Management Conflict in American History

New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s

The Triangle Factory Fire

Jane Addams