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General Resources for all Topics


Speeches  from American Rhetoric website

Video Library from C-Span3: American History

Presidential Recordings website




BBC News Website

EBSCO  for Biographies and articles

Best of History Websites

1960s: People and Movements

Civil Rights

Rebels and Reformers

1960s Movements list

1960s Project:



Abbie Hoffman - Youth International Party


Black Panthers : UC Riverside Photo Exhibit

Stokely Carmichael and Black Power

Betty Friedan

Gloria Steinem

Documents from the Women's Movement

Ralph Nader  "An Unreasonable Man" from PBS

United Farm Workers - Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez - FBI Documents

Rachel Carson - Environmental Movement: Search the IPL.ORG for Rachel Carson, lots of great sites!

Stonewall and Gay Rights

Out of the Past:  PBS Gay History Program

Stonewall National Historic Site

Bayard Rustin Documentary

In the Life TV (blocked at school)

American Indian Movement

American Indian Movement

Minnesota Library: AIM Collection

William Moses Kunstler: American Decades Book!

Counter Culture, Music and Art

Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary

UVA  library 

Intrepid Trips


Haight Ashbury

Hippie Society Video from the CBC, includes segment on the Haight

Summer of Love American Experience video

Woodstock - See above

The Beatles

The Beatles official website: look at History. Each individual also has an official website.

British Beat Boom website  Links has list of Beatles contemporaries

Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol and the Factory. Search the IPL for Warhol, Andy.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan PBS website about the Film by Scorcese

Dylan Collection from Hibbing, MN

Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

Smithsonian Page on Ali's Robe and Gloves

International Boxing Hall of Fame

Newspaper Archive from Louieville about Ali

Frank Gehry - Biographies on EBSCO!

Willie Mays - Biographies on EBSCO!

Truman Capote - Biographies on EBSCO! - check out Resources and American Masters on PBS

Presidents and Politics

Lyndon Johnson: Great Society

Great stuff on IPL! on LBJ, presidency, etc.

LBJ and Vietnam

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy

RFK Center page

Robert McNamara

Democratic Nat'l. Conv. of 1968

Poynter: Convention History website

Chicago 7 and History

Nixon and Vietnamization Vassar website on Vietnam includes Nixon's speech on "Vietnamization"

Anti-War Movement - see student movements websites

Berkeley Free Speech Movement

Watts Riots

Commission report to Gov. "Pat" Brown