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Staff Resources

Immigration and Refugee Resources for Educators

CAASPP Testing Resources

Grades in Infinite Campus

Reminders and instructions on setting preferences for "canned comments" and entering grades.


Click HERE for a printable version!

referrals2 - play it!


Common Core: Mastery Connect

Keep the Common Core Standards at your fingertips. Click the link, or search your app store.


Pick a Student App

replace your popsicle sticks with an app to randomize calling on students!


"Teach your kids to code" article with links from Edutopia


New Media Links - Using Cell Phone groups for reminders: clubs and band and stuff!


Dipity - Timelines and ways to visual information!


PollDaddy - Polling and more.


Prezi - Presentations way beyond PowerPoint.


ThingLink - Turn a picture into information!


Wordle - Make WORD Clouds based on your text!

Resources for Teachers

Links to video, lesson plans and more from PBS programs like NOVA, Nature and American Experience.  Check out things you can show on your SmartBoard!

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math collections:

PBS NOVA Resources

PBS Nature Resources

NOVA science NOW


Polar Sciences Collection

Cool Careers in Science

Where Words Touch the Earth: Ecology and Climate Change

Engineering Collection

Mathematics Collection

Social Media Recommendations

In order to get the most out of social media with your students, there are a few best practices and precautions to keep in mind:

  • Keep a separate account for your classroom communications.  DO NOT mix personal and professional.

  • Be intentional about the privacy settings on your account.  Know them and use them to protect yourself!

  • Restrict access to your professional page so that you have "closed" communications with your classroom.  NOTHING IS PRIVATE!  

  • Set and post your policy for "friends" or "followers".  Be prepared to respond to requests from parents.

  • NEVER allow students to post to your "wall"!  Disable the feature in your privacy settings for the App (facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.)

  • Keep it Professional: Technology has blurred the lines between on-campus and off-campus speech and First Amendment protections.

  • Make sure you develop a professional protocol that includes barriers and protections in working with youth online

Based on information presented by Brenda Sutton-Willis, a CTA Attorney.  Her presentation was titled "Hearing Secrets That You Keep: is There Any Such Thing as Electronic Privacy?" at a Los Angeles County Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Symposium.

Academics Locker

Images and Management

Take a look at the sample things you can do (or students could do!).  Registration is free.  Another way to present info on Smartboards or with a projector.

The National Science Digital Library of the National Science Foundation partners with Instructional Architect, a tool to create simple webpages with links to online resources from the NSDL.