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Chromebook Use 2016

Chromebook Carts: 2016


Lead Teacher Responsibilities

  • Take over the calendar: teachers in the group/wing have been “shared”r

  • Show any teachers how to add themselves to the calendar

  • Make sure the cart gets charged overnight and over the weekend

  • Be the keeper of the key

  • Discuss any sign-up protocols:

    • Does each teacher gets a day every week or do teachers sign up when they want it?

    • Is there a limit to how far in advance you can sign up? How many days at a time?

    • How do you switch or negotiate days?


Teacher Responsibilities

  • Have a system for chromebook distribution

  • Keep the cart plugged in and on when in your room

  • Have a place for the key

  • Calendar for Chromebooks is online.

  • Please do NOT schedule Chromebooks with a substitute, unless there is an aide or another teacher with the class.  (Sub use can also be agreed upon by wing/teacher group.)

  • If keeping them overnight, please make sure they are plugged in to charge overnight.

  • Schedule enough time to collect the Chromebooks at the end of the period (5-7 mins)

  • NO ONE leaves the room until all Chromebooks are in the cart.


Best Practices:

  • We can review procedures with your TAs before use of the Chromebooks.

  • Teachers can also designate a trusted student to manage distribution and collection.

  • Every student signs out their OWN Chromebook

  • students should check screens - pencil marks, keyboards, etc.

  • Open Chromebook - tells teacher or TA immediately if a problem

  • TA or teacher notes issues, and emails Lead teacher/Ms. Mitchell.


Solutions if there aren’t enough Chromebooks in the cart:

  • Pair some students up

  • Students who are unprepared can finish their work and then use the computers when other students have finished

  • Get a second cart

  • Some students can use their phones

  • Tell the students ahead of time to bring devices

  • Come to the LIC and use a combination of computers and the chromebooks at tables