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11th Grade AP LANG



The assignment below is also a PDF file in the Locker



AP English Language and Composition

Summer Reading


*The AP English Language and Composition class models the instructional format of a college campus. As such, the majority of this course functions through the internet and uses multiple online platforms which is a necessity for college success in modern times. Plan accordingly and use public resources such as Starbucks Wi-Fi or the South San Francisco Public Library if necessary.

You will have multiple tasks over summer:

  1. Complete all three summer reading novels

  2. Listen to and read all three speeches

  3. Keep 2 double-sided journals according to the instructions on the back of this handout (or below).

  4. Complete six total “SOAPSToneR” worksheets for the speeches.


Class codes for Google Classroom and will be distributed on the first week of school. Final submission will be typed onto a document separate from the double-sided journals, and it will be submitted to and Google Classroom. Templates for summer will be posted on SchoolLoop or are linked to the online version of this handout. See the backside of this handout for instructions on using online templates (also below).




The following reading list is to be completed by all students over the summer:


Assignment Explanations

 Journals & SOAPSToneR

One Writer’s Beginning and the three speeches will require a total of six worksheets titled “SOAPStoneR.” One Writer’s Beginning consists of three speeches, and as such, each speech will require one separate SOAPStoneR. For each novel, you will have a separate double-sided journal with 25 quotations each. Column one is where you will include the quote from the piece accompanied by parenthetical citation, and column two is your explanation of the quote and its importance. It is important that you choose quotations that have significance and that you provide an insightful analysis; I will look for quality, and as such, shallow insights will not suffice. Please use complete sentences and ensure that your quote selections span the entire book.  If your work only reflects a portion of the text, the missing portion will be reflected in your grade.


1. Three Speeches: SOAPStoneR Worksheet (x3; One per speech)

2. One Writer’s Beginning: SOAPStoner Worksheet (x3; there are three speeches in this text)

a) While reading this dense text, keep the following question in mind: What is Welty trying to teach me and what does she do or say in order to teach it to me?

3. In Cold Blood: Double-sided Journal 

a) Fill out the double-sided journal using the following focus question: The reader’s perception of Perry Smith is  often a topic of heavy debate in class. Although Perry is indeed a criminal, the author Truman Capote manages to arouse feelings of sympathy for Perry’s character. Find and explain instances in which Capote’s writing (not simply Perry’s actions or past) contribute to the reader’s sympathetic perception of Perry Smith.

i) Tip: Focus on how the author writes, not just what he is writing. This means that you should not merely focus on the plot, you’re looking at the author’s craft. For example, analyze how a scene or character is introduced. Look at the adjectives used to describe something. Do those words inspire a certain emotion and impact character perception?


4. Snow Falling on Cedars: Double-sided Journal

  1. Fill out the double-sided journal using the following focus question: Guterson successfully interweaves his novel’s multiple narrative strands through the use of parallelism. For example: Ishmael spies on Hatsue; so does Kabuo. Both men are veteran soldiers that are haunted by the war. Carl Heine and Kabuo both make a living through fishing. Where else does Guterson employ parallelism and what is the effect?

​​​​​​​i.)  Tip: Look for similarities across each character’s narrative strands. Comparisons don’t have to be exactly the same.

ii.)  Parallelism: Usage of repeating words and forms to give pattern and rhythm to a passage in literature. Parallelism often either juxtaposes contrasting images or ideas so as to show their stark difference, or joins similar concepts to show their connection. Parallelism encompasses all these possibilities of repetition and contrast.

iii.) *Please notice that the question focuses on Guterson’s authorial choice and is not merely asking you to analyze the story. Essentially, I am asking you to consider why Guterson made the choice to use parallelism in your chosen example, and to explain the effect his choice has on the reader or the reader’s understanding of the story. Would it be different had he chosen to do something else?


How do I use the online worksheets?

When you click on each of the links, you must first log into your school Google account. Afterwards, open the document and seek the word [file] on the top left corner. On the drop down menu, you will see the option [Make a copy], which will give you your own editable file that you can type on. This document will be saved on your school google drive account.


All assignments will be due the first week of school.

Please ensure that you do this assignment on your own and that you do not plagiarize. You will receive a zero. Additionally, please understand that failure to complete these assignments will harshly impact your entire semester grade as these texts will be used throughout the entirety of semester 1.



If you need to reach me over summer, please email me at: