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The Odd Couple

Trivial Pursuit with the Girls Florence's problems The Amigos SSFHS Odd Couple 10-19-13 (110).JPG SSFHS Odd Couple 10-18-13 (25).JPG Cast and Crew and Directors Cast and Crew and Directors
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Broadway Review

DSC_0039.JPG DSC_0064.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0207.JPG DSC_0283.JPG DSC_0386.JPG DSC_0539.JPG

Advanced Drama with Ms. Howard's 6th Grade

Advanced Drama with Ms. Howard's 6th Grade

Northern CA Leadership Conference

Troupe 7180 Thespians Jeff and Estefani salute you Waiting for showcase Two Hundred Drama Kids


The Band Pointing the way Reading feet All for the Best
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Northern California Leadership Conference

Rochelle  Tua Leitu Jeff  Louisse James

Rochelle, Tua, Leitu, Jeff, Louisse, James

Scenes from FAME

DSC_9827.JPG DSC_9935.JPG DSC_0260.JPG DSC_9872.JPG DSC_9933.JPG DSC_9679.JPG DSC_0248.JPG DSC_0140.JPG DSC_9612.JPG DSC_9997.JPG DSC_0358.JPG

The Wizard of Wonderland

Children's Theatre 2010

The Cast The Girls The Evil Ladies Goodbye Judson Dormouse confronts Lion
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Drama takes us into the depths of our imaginations. Movement, voice and song transform a set made of wood, paint and cloth into an alternate reality to tell stories, awaken our sensibilities, and stir our emotions.

The art of theatrical performance is a craft that has many rewards. Drama students learn in an environment that is accepting and forgiving. Actors are able to release their inhibitions and express their inner self. The drama group encourages and nurtures abilities. The results are greater poise, confidence, self-assurance and an enhanced ability to communicate effectively.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

The Band working hard Lucy shares her dreams Snoopy's Tough Life Patty & Marcie ponder Pigpen Charlie Ignored Again Sally makes Linus nervous Batter Up!!