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Pilacik, Mike

End of the Year Party

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No news posted


"All the World's a Stage"

Welcome to the Drama Club/International Thespian Honors Society #7180! Last year was successful with As You Like It by William Shakespeare and Little Shop of Horrors! This year, we are looking to continue with the traditions and success with our next shows. 2016-2017 season will be announced soon!


"As You Like It" 2015 Fall Play


"All You Need Is Love" 2015 Spring Musical


Southern Fried Murder Fall 2014

The Odd Couple - Females Fall 2013

9 to 5 Spring Musical 2014

Godspell Spring Musical 2012


Drama takes us into the depths of our imaginations. Movement, voice and song transform a set made of wood, paint and cloth into an alternate reality to tell stories, awaken our sensibilities, and stir our emotions.

The art of theatrical performance is a craft that has many rewards. Drama students learn in an environment that is accepting and forgiving. Actors are able to release their inhibitions and express their inner self. The drama group encourages and nurtures abilities. The results are greater poise, confidence, self-assurance and an enhanced ability to communicate effectively.

Broadway Review Spring Musical 2013