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Summer Reading Locker

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12th Grade AP LIT

AP Literature and Composition 2018-2019 Summer Reading

AP Literature and Composition 2018-2019

Summer Reading Assignments



Welcome to AP Literature! This is a course that will take you on a literary journey around the world, strengthen your critical reading, writing and analytical skills, and test your acquired knowledge in the Advanced Placement examination in Literature and Composition. In preparation for this journey, your summer reading assignments will serve as the first step. You will be required to read three books independently this summer for this course. A copy of each book is readily available for purchase at most bookstores and online booksellers, or can be borrowed at your local library. Please purchase/borrow your own copies and annotate them during the reading process. Complete all three assignments and be prepared to write an in class writing assignment on both reading selections on your first day of school.


All incoming AP Literature Seniors are required to read:


How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams


  • Assignment 1:


The first book you should read is How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

Complete the attached study guide questions.


  • Assignment 2:


Part 1:

Read and annotate Wuthering Heights and The Glass Menagerie. You can use the following annotation system to help guide your readings:

(Use sticky notes if borrowed)

Annotation Guide

Inside Front Cover: Character list with small space for character summary and for page references for key scenes, moments of character development, etc.

Inside Back Cover: Themes, allusions, images, motifs, key scenes, plot line, epiphanies, etc. List and add page references and/or notes as you read.

Bottom and Side Page Margins: Interpretive notes, questions, and/or remarks that refer to meaning of the page. Markings or notes to tie in with information on the inside back cover.

Top Margins: Plot notes—a quick few words or phrases that summarize action (useful for quick location of passages in discussion and for writing assignments).

Additional Markings: circling: done while or after reading to help locate characters and settings. underlining: done while or after reading to help locate passages for discussion, significant diction or syntax. brackets: done while or after reading to highlight key speeches and descriptions that are too long to underline easily.


Part 2:

After you complete your readings, apply the following chapters from Foster’s book to each text:

-  Chapter 1—“Every Trip Is a Quest”

-  Chapter 7— “…or The Bible”

-  Chapter 9 — “It’s Greek to Me”

-  Chapter 10—“It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow”

-  Chapter 12—“Is That a Symbol?”

-  Chapter 19—“Geography Matters…”

-  Chapter 20—“…So Does Season”

-  Chapter 25—“Don’t Read with Your Eyes”


Respond to each chapter by writing a well-developed paragraph that explains the main points Foster is making and show how they apply to the text (150 word minimum). Include at least two specific textual examples (at least one of which is a direct quote from the novel) that show how  the author uses the technique or idea discussed in Foster’s chapter. Use MLA parenthetical citation to indicate where in the text you found your examples. You will therefore complete this assignment twice; once for Wuthering Heights, and once for The Glass Menagerie.


  • Assignment 3

Complete the Biblical Allusions study questions. This assignment will serve as a reference guide for your readings throughout the year.


All assignments are due during the first week of school on as one document. If you have any questions during the summer, please feel free to email me at Have a great summer, enjoy your readings, and I look forward to meeting you all in the fall!